There are thousands of Virtual Assistants (VAs) out there: freelance VAs, Virtual Assistant recruitment agencies, VAs companies, etc. I believe there is enough room for all of us in the world at the moment: this is a magical historical moment where people have the chance to be working from home or anywhere in the world, and companies can hire the best professionals out there, regardless their place of work. 

As professionals in the smart work industry, we all have the chance to find our niche and serve it. We decided to work with visionary entrepreneurs, those who are moved by a vision, those who understand that a better work-life balance can really be achieved. Those who want to create products and services that can actually produce significant changes. It doesn’t have to be the next Apple or Paypal, it can be something that has an impact on the life of a group, a community; just like Virtual Assistance has.

Instead of providing virtual assistance services, we put at your disposal a Virtual Office Manager, think of her as an Office Manager, a Project Manager, a Business Manager: she will be just your right-hand woman, to whom you may delegate responsibility, not just tasks.