need a virtual assistant

As our business starts to develop and become big, we often face this problem of increasing workload. Managing it all by yourself can have few harmful effects on the business. How? Well, for starters when you keep focusing on all the minuscule and backend work yourself, you are eating up your valuable time that could otherwise be used for business growth.

So who exactly is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant or VA is a highly skilled professional who offers business support virtually. This may consist of an individual or even a team of virtual assistants. They work remotely and are located on site and are known to provide a wide range of services such as administrative, creative, legal support and technical help. They help you to handle all the extra work that are usually considered as unimportant.

In the year 2014, Elance-Upwork came up with the report that they have over 8 million freelancers in its platform serving more than 2 million clients in more than 180 countries and were generating around $750 million. With the freelancing industry growing so rapidly here’s seven reasons why you should also hire a virtual assistant for your business immediately:

Cost Advantage

The biggest reason for you to hire a virtual assistant is to lower the costs. It is a rough estimate that hiring a VA over a full-time employee can help you save up to 78% of operating cost per year. The major reason for this is because virtual assistants are self-employed. Meaning you need not spend extra money on providing them with additional benefits like office space, rent allowance, health insurance, and pension, etc., helping you save a bomb!

Increase in Productivity

A study by Ctrip on its employees showed that 13% of employees work better from home and are proven to be more productive. This has encouraged a lot of companies actually to form a virtual workforce, which will help develop the business by making use of online work tools. So along with reducing the cost it has been proven to increase profits of the business as well. This is because when you delegate work you get more time to focus on important work. At the same time, the virtual assistance the business receives come from highly skilled experts from various fields who knows their work excellently.

Proven to Improve Efficiency

This means that you can get more work done in less time by hiring a virtual assistant. A study shows that 87.7% of the assistants are paid on a productive hour basis; after reaching the milestones. This means that they get paid only when they complete a particular task unlike normal employees of a business which requires being paid as per government laws and rules.

Also, since the assistants are very well aware of all the tools required to work online efficiently, making them experts in their field. Which ultimately means you need not spend time and money on training your virtual assistants. 

Business Flexibility

Hiring a virtual assistant can give you a lot of flexibility. Delegating the work can give you leisure time and also ensures that the VA works as per his convenience too. Thus giving both the parties’ time to manage and live their lives peacefully. In case you are looking for 24*7 customer service, you can do so by hiring them from different time zones that can be shifted throughout the work day – a win-win situation for both the parties.

Access to wide range of experts

No matter what your needs are personal, administrative, HR, IT or even legal you will surely get what you need and that too without any hassle. The plus point in this is that no time or money gets wasted to train an employee from scratch. This means that there’s huge opportunity along with skilled people out there who are very well aware of using all the tools to work online, so hire the best virtual assistant today and enjoy a trouble free business growth.

Ease Pressure on the In-House Staff

This is very important. As the business grows, the workload will increase on the in-house staff if you have any. Hence getting virtual assistance will release that extra burden from them and will help increase the productivity making them deliver better quality work.

More leisure time

This holds very true. When you have a virtual assistant at your disposal, you will have more time to do what you love doing and have fun. At the same time help you stay sane! We all know how overwhelming business can become. Hence having the right assistant by your side can help you stay calm and be more productive.

With over 7 years of professional experience in working as a virtual assistant, we can help you lighten your workload by taking care of some of your routine business tasks. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you get rid of some of your mundane tasks and instead focus on more productive ones; please give us a call right away; we’d be happy to help!