Here is what a Virtual Assistant can do for your start-up

a virtual assistant for your startup

Start-ups are the best. You are your boss. You have the freedom to mould your work environment in whatever way you wish. But, as the adage goes: With great freedom, comes great responsibility. As soon as your start-up becomes more and more established, your workload increases. You have to shoulder even more responsibilities. Although passionate […]

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8-step guide to make your website safe and secure

To some people, their website is a product of their passion. To some, it is their bread and butter. But whatever it might be, it causes a lot of heartache and stress if their website is not safe – at all! So, if your website is an integral part of your life or your business, […]

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How to use LinkedIn to get linked with the right clients

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network that helps you to connect to prospective employers and employees online. It is the place to go when you are trying to establish professional relationships with your peers or with prospects. It is the place to look for clients for a Virtual Assistant and anyone who offers online […]

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