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8-step guide to make your website safe and secure

To some people, their website is a product of their passion. To some, it is their bread and butter. But whatever it might be, it causes a lot of heartache and stress if their website is not safe – at all! So, if your website is an integral part of your life or your business, […]

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8 Tools You Need to Manage Your Online Business

When you are running an online business, you need to take care of a plethora of things such as managing projects, tracking finances, generating and sharing documents, connecting and networking, getting things done as well as managing your presence over social networking platforms. If you try doing everything manually, you will occasionally see that your […]

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How to stay focused, even if you are on a tropical island

The very idea of working as a digital nomad sounds really great. You do not have the boundaries of the office or a boss continuously pestering you for even the minutest of matters. Freedom from the daily monotonies of the workplace is what you receive as a prize by adopting this modern nomadic lifestyle. There […]

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