What is Customer Experience?

Defining Customer Experience (CX) is not as easy as it would seem, yet it it the simplest concept you can think of. It is the whole experience a person has with your productservice, or brand

What makes it “complicated” is that experience is personal, totally subjective and involves emotional components.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or any other place that was highly recommended, either by online reviews or by a friend, and hated it? Probably you just had a bad experience because you had your own expectations, therefore you couldn’t possibly have the same experience as your peers. You are just different, as everybody is.

This might be happening to your customers or clients, and you really don’t want it to happen, right?

The other thing about Customer Experience is that it does not involve just one event, like a purchase, a reservation, it involves all the processes during the whole customer journey.

The customer experience begins the moment a person has a need or problem to solve and starts looking for the solution, mostly online, and the experience never ends!

Even if the person becomes your client, it is still on a journey, so make sure you don’t neglect them: their experience does not end because they have purchased.

Whether you sell products or services, if you have an online presence, then you have an ongoing touch-point with your customers and you have to make sure there are no weak points, because they can ruin even the best experience for ever.


We will examine all your present activities that involve clients and all the interactions, to start mapping out your customers journey.


We will help you take all the necessary steps and make all the required changes on your website, in your emails, your content and anything involving your clients’ journey.


We will map out the customer journey across all the “touchpoints”, so that you can have a better understanding of your customer and have a blueprint for future use.



We will work 1 to 1 to better understand your clients and study the systems you should put in place to make your business more efficient and to better serve your clients.