Digital nomads are those who shun the conventional workplace for their own ventures wherein they can operate from anywhere. This ‘nomadic’ lifestyle is being increasingly adopted by a large number of entrepreneurs, who continually leverage the advancements in technology to build a rocking career on the move. Indeed the modern era enables digital nomads to break free from the shackles of a mundane workplace as they seize new business opportunities and cope up with professional challenges while on the move.

Technological Empowerment and the Great Rise

A recent survey conducted internationally has identified that 74% of the respondents have taken initiatives so that they are less bound to the workplace while around 45% adopted a digital nomadic lifestyle in the previous year.

With growing technological facilities, many professionals are becoming more inclined towards decreasing their ties to actual offices. The number of freelancers is on the rise and there are many who have formed or are in the process of forming a virtual team or business.

The striking thing is that those who have adopted this lifestyle have experienced a considerable increase in their income. Since there is more flexibility, there is more happiness compared to time bound office work. You can maintain your professionalism and sincerity in your work without getting stressed up- that’s the main plus point of this lifestyle.

Looking Back Into History

Steve Roberts became the first digital nomad in 1983 when he took a computerized recumbent bicycle and embarked upon a 17,000 miles journey. His article on this experience is still a source of inspiration for many who seek to adopt this lifestyle.

The first book on this topic came from David Manners and Tsugio Makimoto, who were the first to use the name ‘Digital Nomad’ in a publication. The book deals with how our innate urge to travel combined with the present and future technological developments will again make the human race capable of existing and working on the go, similar to the ancient nomads.

The Work Style

With Wi-Fi available almost everywhere, flexibility in work is just a matter of choice. You also have several benefits such as Skype conferences or the steady service offered by online payment providers such as Paypal. In fact the internet provides a lot of space to chat with fellow nomads and find work online. Moreover, the proliferation of social media platforms enables the digital nomads to adopt a lifestyle that is more collaborative, transparent and efficient.

This nomadic lifestyle is more or less like an entrepreneurship in itself as an increasing number of nomads are sharing their knowledge online and publishing their experience. This rapidly growing group of nomads is drawing immense attention from the press in the form of articles, discussion of their lifestyles, and so on. In short, there are no boundaries till now to restrict those who work and simultaneously enjoy traveling the world.

This  is undoubtedly the new future, showing the route to enhanced productivity and flexibility. Whether it is local or global, the idea of working from your choicest destination such as a sandy beach or the warm cozy couch of your room rather than the bounded premises of the office, is indeed lucrative!