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Lead your business to success by hiring the right Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant can help you in a wide variety of tasks, as we already discussed in a previous Virtual Assistant Services: the complete listIt has been predicted that in the year 2018; the virtual assistance industry along with various other online services will be worth $5 billion as the demand for such services are on a rise. With the rise of start-ups, one can be sure that the demand for virtual assistance services will continue to expand and grow. Sure there are several positive attributes of having a virtual assistant for your business. It will help you save time, money, deliver quality work and most importantly give you some free time to stay sane.

We need to know that having a virtual assistant can have few drawbacks as well. Not all the people you hire will have experience or know how exactly the business works. Some are new and need to learn about how to help a self-employed small business owner. Most of the self-employed people seeking the help of a virtual assistant aren’t interested in someone who will “take over” their business; instead, they just want a professional who will assist them with specific tasks and project. It may so happen that many work part-time and are available only for few days or hours per week. All this needs to be considered while one plans to hire a virtual assistant.

When should you hire a virtual assistant?

It is very common for an entrepreneur to feel overwhelmed, especially when all the work and tasks need to be done alone. At the same, it is important to know when to hire a virtual assistant.

I suggest you make a list of all the tasks that needs to be done and specify what should be delegated. Here you need to understand that the question you need to ask yourself is not whether you can do a task on your own, whereas should you be the one doing this task. Think of the extra time you will have in which you can focus on more productive business activities leading to increased income.

Things to consider while hiring

Comfort level: this is one of the important things to consider. You will be in contact with them regarding your business on a regular basis. Hence, make sure the comfort level shared is right. It would make working environment smooth and tension-free.

Professionalism: check whether the assistant is punctual, gives timely email replies and delivers quality work as promised and also treats you with respect.

Skill set: you can delegate many tasks to a virtual assistant. When you prepare a list of such tasks, make sure to run it once with the assistant so that you can be sure before starting the work. Make sure he has the skills required for your tasks.

Availability: Depending on your task and work it is very important to decide whether to hire a full time or part time virtual assistant.

Experience: another key aspect to be considered is an experience. It may require the assistant to have some previous experience for the specified task so as to deliver error free quality work. Or you may not have the time or money to train a new assistant and get them acquainted with the task.

Budget: Decide how much you can spend on a virtual assistant without compromising on other activities of the business.
You will find that virtual assistants have a wide range of fee structure. Some may charge you by the hour and some work on a monthly basis. You will also find many who charge on a sliding scale for general administrative tasks and high rate for high-end skilled work.

While you start to work with remote staff,  you might have to work with people that are situated far from your actual workplace. It means that you need to stay in touch with them constantly and keep track of their activities closely. Today, there are several online work tools available which can help you collaborate with your team and carry on communication without any problem. An excellent option is to hire a virtual assistant to takes care of these as it would save you a lot of time and you will get quality work done by a skilled person.

Tools to manage virtual assistants

Here is small list of tools that are commonly used for managing virtual assistants:

Basecamp – Project Management, file sharing, calendaring, tracking

Jing (screenshots and quick “how to” movies)

Google Docs – Document sharing and storage

Evernote – Note sharing capability

Dropbox – File sharing capability

Google Calendar – The popular Calendar by Google.

Getting hold of the right virtual assistant is an important task for an entrepreneur. So, make sure you give the selection process proper time and attention it requires.

A professional Virtual Assistant will prepare for you an agreement with all the terms and conditions, such as payment, number of hours a week or month, as well as confidentiality terms.

If you have all the points mentioned above in check, then start delegating the tasks and make your business taste success. If you want to know how our Virtual Assistant services can be helpful for your organization, book your free consultation here.