I think that Twitter is one of the easiest yet powerful Social Networks, but I know that many people just don’t get it. Being so different from Facebook, where interaction seems easier, or LinkedIn, much straighter when it comes to nurturing your leads.

Many people think that Twitter is just for state presidents or celebrities, but I found that if used correctly, it can result is as many leads who can easily convert into clients. Twitter helps connect people, share opinion and at the same time get to know what is happening in the world. Since people in Twitter are here to discover new things, they are open and keen on interacting with new businesses.

Twitter is one of the easy and best tools to work online helping you expand and reach new markets and connect with the old and new customers more closely. Building a well-engaged community can help your new and existing business to grow very well. How can you do this? 

Compelling content

This is very important as compelling content will surely attract new followers and keep them engaged over time.  The key is to keep the tweet simple yet informative. Make your tweets more interesting by adding image, video or GIF. You will find more people engaging on tweets with multimedia. So go creative with your tweets.

Value your Followers

Twitter gives you full access to what is going on in your industry, community and around the globe. This helps you to add value to your business. Understand that when someone follows you on Twitter, they can contribute to your growth by taking actions that can benefit you. The more the followers feel confident about your business, the more it can help you expand and grow. This means that you don’t just see them as your followers but see them from a “friend” perspective. So don’t forget to thank, to greet and to be sociable!

Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the major online tools when it comes to growing business on Twitter. Search for keywords and hashtags that best represent your industry and your business and use them in your tweets to get noticed. In fact, you can even start a campaign to create and promote a hashtag that will best suit your business.

Problem Solving Content

Another way to grab the attention of the followers is by providing them with content that will help them improve their lives. Since people talk about various products and services on Twitter, it is one of the best platforms to provide customer service. Using Twitter to quickly reply to customer woes will gain you a good reputation instantly. You can even engage in one-on-one assistance by replying to them through direct message facility strengthening your customer relationship.

Retweets and replies

Do not forget to retweet positive customer feedback, helpful articles and even messages that can help your business to grow. Always remember with every retweet your idea and reach grows exponentially. Also, reply to any questions, comments and criticism that come your way in the most polite way. Regular retweeting and replies, will surely bring in more engaging audience towards your business.

Run polls, Conduct contests

This is an important tool. Asking questions through polls can be very effective as it lets the customers know you value their opinion as well. Apart from this, holding a Twitter contest is a good way to promote and create awareness about one’s product. With interesting gifts and good marketing, you can expect active participation within no time.

Twitter Cards

Another exciting and interesting tool of Twitter is Twitter Cards. The Twitter card lets you overcome the 140-character limit and lets you attach photos, videos and download links to tweets that will help you bring traffic to your website. Since these tweets will stand out from the traditional tweets full of texts, they are ideal for introducing new products and increasing conversations. By just adding a few lines of HTML to your webpage, the users who will tweet the links to your content will have a “card” added to their tweet which will be visible to all their followers. Thus, bringing in more engaging content! If you are looking for an easy way to add Twitter Cards to your WordPress site, check out this plugin.

Go ahead try these to create an engaged community on Twitter and see your followers increase and your business grow. If you’re unsure as to whether you’ll be able to allot time for this social media task, you can always reach out to us. We would be glad to help you translate your business requirements into meaningful social media marketing that allows your business to grow manifold. 

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