Dedicated Services for E-Residents

General Consulate of Estonia in Rome, 2015.

E-residency is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies who want to be part of the digital revolution that is already in place and is completely changing the way we work.

If you already are an e-resident, congrats and welcome! If you are not, please visit the official site of the Estonian e-residency project to get all the information.

Once you are an e-resident and start an Estonian company, you will probably face some of the most common problems companies and entrepreneur face.

1. Lack of time and difficulty to find competent professionals to whom delegate specific tasks.
2. The need to spread your voice so that you, your brand, your company can be known and reach your potential clients.

Here is where we can help you! We have a few options for you:


A startup package which includes:

· Brand design / brand identity
· Web design: a simple website to get you started (if you need something very very spectacular, we can also do that, just ask us before)
· Social Media pages/profiles setup
· 1 hour consultancy (this is a preliminary consultancy to help you focus on the strategies to grow your business)

Starting at €1450 


Strategies and tactics:

· Social Media Audit
· Social Media channels creation/improvement
· Social Media Marketing Plan
· Social Media & Community Management
· Press releases (writing and distributing)
· Finding and promoting opportunities for business expansion


Retainer packages for long-term assistance:

· General Virtual Assistance (a VA who will be just like an Executive Assistant, but more cost-effective)
· Social Media Management (a Social Media VA who will help you manage your Social Networks and media channels)
· 1 hour consultancy (this is a preliminary consultancy to help you focus on the strategies to grow your business)

Starting at €650 per month


“Mary is THE Virtual Assistant, with an extensive experience and deep knowledge of everything related to online business. She is very professional, efficient, fast and a problem-solver and she always has a proactive attitude.
She conveys confidence right from the beginning, she has great interpersonal skills, and you can confidently delegate any activity to her. I recommend her 110%!

Marco Montemagno – Digital Entrepreneur



Smart Work & Remote Work Consultancy

As an e-resident, surely you treasure the flexibility and all the benefits related to smart work and remote work.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a small business owner, you are aware that the work has changed and we have a great opportunity, like never before, to work from anywhere in the world and enjoy a more relaxed life.

We have an extensive experience in the smart work industry and we will be glad to assist you in implementing all the necessary changes.
· Assessment. It all starts with what and how. You will brief us on what you are doing presently and how.
· Brainstorming. We will evaluate what your business needs and what we can do to help you achieve it.
· Designing We will design an operation manual and workflow documentation.

Starting at €450